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    How many Signs? (Part I)
    How many Signs? (Part II)
How the Boy worked out the Meaning of any Sign
Valerie's mark-up Method
Arthur, the Arithmetician
Algernon, the Algebraist
Clara's World: the CL-Calculus
    There is no redundancy in the system of Initial Equations
The CL-Calculus, Part II
The Mutual Dominance Lemma
    Peircean Illative Transformations
    Development of the Equivalence Expression
    Lewis Carroll's Five Liar Problem
The 'Case Analysis' Lemma
Exhaustive Case Analysis, and the Standard Form
Consequences of the Standard Form Lemma
An Application of the CL-Calculus (Set Theory)
    Boolean Algebras
       How Many Combination-Schemes?
       How Many Combination-Schemes?, Part II
       Proof of the three Constraints
    The Number of Elements in a finite CL-Algebra
    Every CL-Algebra is a group
    Huntington's Axiom
    A human-friendly proof of the Robbins Conjecture
The Validity of Inference

Prospectus for 'An Approach from Laws of Form to the Predicate Calculus'
Main text: 'An Approach from Laws of Form to the Predicate Calculus'

Earlier proof of 'Case Analysis' and Test Theorem
    Moves for reducing Depth